8 Replies to “Sunrise in Arizona ”

  1. We get spectacular sunrises and sunsets out here. Where was this picture taken?

  2. William, I have been wanting to join you for years. All I can say is I wish I was with you. Disabled VET on low income her. Keep building! I am…David.

    1. David,

      Sorry, not a Video, it was just a snapshot. Shelley Tumino showed me how to link the smart phone to this blog. I am still a low tech Troglodyte. -ww.

  3. William , I’m proud of you buddy , all way to Arizona and you still got the fenders on that trailer . good luck And have a great trip and be safe. 318 Detroit.

    1. Mike, if you look close you can see where the old ones got ripped off….several times, before we lengthened the trailer 6′ and moved the axle forward 2′.The new tires are rated for 3,750 pounds each. We have all the 2015 season, about 12.000 miles, without a blowout. Switching to Aluminum wheels on the trailer solved the vibration issue, steel ones were not true.-ww.

  4. It was a beautiful rainy morning in the desert. I love the smell of the desert when it rains…and gunpowder.

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