JAG-2 Corvair Twin, running on film


I got a quick note and a link to this video from Jim Tomaszewski, about the first engine run on the wing of his Corvair powered twin, The “JAG-2” :


“Hi William & Grace (ScoobE too), Here is a video of my first engine run of my
right engine on the airframe.  I hope to have the left engine running also by
next week.   I will then be checking the timing at WOT.  The Ellison runs very


Engine running on the airframe You tube film:




 Above, a Corvair College #31 photo of Jim and Ginger with their engines twin 3,000 cc Corvairs, first class motors with Weseman billet cranks and 5th bearings. The engines use all of our parts, including 2400-L ultra lightweight starters.

Here is a link to a story about the engines:

12 Cylinders / 6.0L of Corvair Power for JAG-2 run at CC#31


Here is a link to a story with many details about the design and construction of the airframe:

JAG-2, Corvair Powered Twin, Jim Tomaszewski, N.Y.