Closing a case at a College, Part #1


Today we are 1 month away from Corvair College #33. A number of builders who have signed up are coming to close their case, and get ‘over the hump’ of getting the first third of their engine done. This series will highlight the steps in this process, and provide specific guidance. If you are planning on attending CC#33, keep in mind that we will close the sign up in just over 10 days, and the event is already 50% full. Read more on signing up here: Corvair College #33 sign up now open:


18 months ago, I wrote a long series on options of getting started building your Corvair. The page containing the links to the 20 individual stories can be found here: Getting Started Reference page. The information is good, it needs only small revisions to bring it fully up to date, but it is well worth reading over an evening or two, so each builder can look at the options and map out his own plan.  In this series, I am going to look at only the two most popular options for closing a case, building a 3,000cc case set up for a Weseman Gen 2 bearing, and building a 2700cc case set up with a Weseman Gen 1 bearing.  The closest stories to these two options are Getting Started in 2013, Part #7, ‘Chas. Charlie’ Short Block and Getting Started in 2013, Part #5, ‘Allan Able’ short block. respectively. In the series we will update and detail each of these approaches.


Fundamental to understanding our information here, is getting better acquainted with our numbering system. The new manual is based on it, as is our products page: ( ) The Groups we will be working with are the following:


1000  The Crankshaft Group

1100 The Camshaft Group

1200 The Case Group

2000 Rear oil Case Group

2100 Harmonic Balancer Group

2400 Starter Group

2500 Hub Group

3000 Weseman 5th bearing Group


Over the next few nights, we will look at the elements of each of these that make up a first class closed Corvair Case. I invite builders to write in on the comments section and share any question or comment they have.



Above, Blaine Schwartz and myself at CC#22. We are standing in front of his closed case. Note the smile, this is the look of a builder having a good time, making progress, learning with friends. Blaine is now flying this engine in his Zenith 750 : ( Flying Zenith 750, 2850 cc Corvair, Blaine Schwartz ) A college is an excellent setting to really get started on your engine in a knowledgeable, supportive setting. All you have to do is sign up, and do a little planning as detailed in this series. -ww.