Corvair College History….in photos


Below are links to photo pages on all of the colleges we have held since #1 in the spring of 2000. This page is a work in progress, Because I still want to dig out some photos from the early events, San Antonio and the Canadian Corvair College in 2005, and put in pictures from #26 and #27.  Looking at the photos, it is a lot of engine building and learning, all mixed in with a lot of fun and friends. At the bottom we have a list of the 2014 colleges.

Although I am the only person who has made it to every college, we have a number of builders who have been at 6, and even a handful who have made it to 10 or more.  We have more than 25 people who’s first run happened on the stand at a college, who later flew the engine back in their plane. I look forward to reading comments from builders who have attended these events, it is a lot of good memories that I treasure.


Above, Tom Cummings of LA, on the left, stands with me in front of my Pietenpol at CC#1. The event was in May of 2000. Tom was the very first guy to show up at the very first College. Read the last page on the CC#17 link for a full story on Tom.


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College#,  Location,  Local Host.

CC#1 – Spruce Creek FL  – William and Grace

CC#2 – Spruce Creek FL – William and Grace

CC#3 – Spruce Creek FL – William and Grace

CCJr – San Antonio TX – Oscar Zuniga

CC#4 – Sun N Fun, Lakeland FL – (2004)

CC#5 – Hanford CA – Pat Panzera

CC#6 – Edgewater FL – William and Grace

CC#6.5 – Edgewater FL – William and Grace

CC#7 – Alliance OH – Forest Barber

CC#8 – Edgewater FL – William and Grace

CC#9 – Edgewater FL – William and Grace

CC#10 – Edgewater FL – William and Grace

Corvair College Canada

CC#11 – Santa Rosa CA – Michael Henitz -QSP

CC#12 – White Plains SC – Ed and Val Fisher

CC#13 – Livermore CA – Rick Lindstrom

CC#14 – Lowell MA – Ken Pavlou

CC#15 – (Planned but not executed)

CC#16 – White Plains SC – Ed and Val Fisher

CC#17 – Orlando FL – Arnold Holmes

CC#18 – Livermore CA – Rick Lindstrom

CC#19 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew.

CC#20 – Hillsdale MI – Roy Szarafinski

CC#21 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew.

CC#22 – Georgetown TX – Kevin Purtee/Shelley Tomino

CC#23 – Palatka FL- Weseman’s and Wynnes

CC#24 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew.

Corvair College #24, reviewed in photos, part one.

Corvair College #24, reviewed in photos, part two.

Corvair College #24, reviewed in pictures, part three.

CC#25 – Leesburg FL – Arnold Holmes

Corvair College #25, In Photos

CC#26 – Mexico MO – Zenith Aircraft Co.

CC#27 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew.


2014 Corvair Colleges

CC#28 – Austin TX – Kevin Purtee/Shelley Tomino, Feb.

Corvair College #28 registration is open

CC#29 – Leesburg FL – Arnold Holmes, end of March

CC#30 – Mexico MO – Zenith Aircraft Co., Sept.

CC#31 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew., Novemeber

Oil Change interval, meeting the challenge

(If the picture does not come through, try hitting F5 at the top of the keyboard.)



I am a lucky guy. When I bring up a serious topic, I can always count on some close friends to send some supporting words of encouragement. Quite often, one of these letters will come from the illustrious mind of 601XL builder Ken Pavlou. (He is the guy who also takes care of the on line college registrations and the parking row at Oshkosh.) Because he was born in Greece, “Adonis” is one of his nicknames. “TTBL” is a reference to the film “Ted.”

” William, Hope you had a great Christmas with your family. I want to share with you that I
mounted both wings on my 601 today. It’s pretty exciting.
Being that I won’t win any awards or break records for quality or performance, I
 decided to try and break the record for longest oil change interval by going
86.5 hours. I just wish I knew of these records before I changed my oil at 0.5,
1, 5, and 10 hours. Oh well.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year. Below is photographic evidence of my progress.

TTBL, “Adonis.”

I hate to tell Ken that 86 hours is just the record for Break in oil, and he has already blown his shot at that. For all I know the longest time between regular changes may be even higher. Ken is a pretty competitive kind of guy, I am sure the will meet the challenge no matter what it is.