Zenith 601XL Builder Woody Harris at Copper state flyin.


Above, the 601XL of Woody Harris. It has flown all over the country on a 2,850. Note that Woody is from northern California and the photo above is at Kitty Hawk NC.

For our friends out west, Woody Harris, “our man on the west coast”, Called today to say that he flew from Vacaville CA to the Copper state fly-in in AZ, by way of Big Bear. He was airborne about 7 hours on an uneventful but scenic flight.  You can read more about woody by clicking on this link:


Zenith 601XL-2,850cc, Woody Harris


Woody had his first forum on Corvairs today, but he will be on hand this weekend to answer any question on our work with Corvairs. We keep him equipped with manuals and DVD’s for sale at events that we can’t get onto our own calendar. If you have not had a chance to meet him, look him up, he is friendly, knowledgeable, and good company. -ww.

FlyCorvair.net tops 300,000 page reads.


A few nights ago, the counter on this website went over 300,000.  Not bad for a very specific subject matter and 22 months of stories.  The company that provides the software just updated it so I can now tell how many different email addresses (but not which specific ones) read the site in a day. Yesterday set the one day page read high score at 1,622. This came from 677 different email addresses. Part of this was people reading the links to older stories more than once.  On a typical day we have about 1,000 page reads from 550-600 different email addresses. While almost all of these people are aviators, a number of them are probably not yet Corvair builders, just people reading popular commentaries, like the one on Cessna’s throwing in the towel on the C-162. By comparing readership on those stories with the levels on pure tech. posts, I would guess that we have 400-450 Corvair builders that read the website nearly every day.

The total count on stories is now about 370.  If you take out the Mail Sack, and some of the things like College notices, the three stories about our Dog, the pure building philosophy stories and my bitching about people who drive while texting on cell phones, the president of the EAA and Chinese parts, you still have at least 225 hard core technical posts and informative pieces, that will remain quality information for a long time.

.As always, I encourage anyone to write in with a comment to write it in.  We are always glad to share the perspectives of builders, their experience and photos.  For now, I am headed back out to the hangar to make a few more things to get in the mail tomorrow.-ww.