Bob Barrows to Fly LSA Bearhawk to CC #27, Barnwell, S.C., Nov. 2013


Bob Barrows, noted designer of the Bearhawk series of aircraft, is planning on attending CC #27 on Veteran’s Day Weekend in November 2013 in Barnwell, S.C. I spoke with Bob on the phone several times in the past few days. On Monday we are meeting in Georgia at the hangar of one of his LSA Bearhawk Patrol builders. Bob and I are going to use the builder’s fuselage to design and mock-up a Corvair/LSA Motor Mount to have these available for his builders in the future. Bob is well known throughout homebuilding as a conservative, traditional, old-school designer and craftsman. I take it as a great compliment that our efforts with the Corvair have earned his respect.


Above, Bob Grace and myself in our tent at Oshkosh 2013. Bob holds the distinction of having flown to every single Oshkosh, all 44 of them. All of his designs have been Continental or Lycoming powered. Opening the option for Corvair power to his LSA builders is a milestone in the Corvair movement.


In speaking with Bob, I suggested he fly his LSA demo plane over to Barnwell for CC #27. He liked the idea and plans to be on hand. His plane is powered by one of Bob’s hot rod small Continentals. Grace and I have been friends with Bob for a number of years. As impressive as his designs are, spending time with the man himself is even better than studying his work. In person he is a wealth of aviation knowledge and perspective, in a very down to earth delivery. In an era of consumer-spectacle, flashy marketing in experimental aviation, Bob is a great reality check, and Grace and Scoob E and I are looking forward to having him at the College.  -ww

Last call on crank processing before CC#27.


I spoke with Dan and Rachel tonight, and they pointed out that this next week is the cut off for getting your core crank to them so they can process it before CC#27. I picked up several at CC#26, They already have several to batch with them, and they are only going to hold this until Thursday of next week, If you are planning on heading to the college, and you would like to make some serious progress like closing your case, it starts with getting your crank processed. I wrote a very good overview of the process in January, it is at this link:

Started in 2013, part #1, Crankshaft process options.

You have time to get your core apart over the next few days, get it wrapped up and on its way to their shop.  If you know that you are going to do this now or later, just decide right now that you are going to get this launched now, so that you don’t find yourself as an observer at the college when everyone else is putting their engine case together.-ww

Above is a close up of a 2nd Gen Dan bearing journal on a re worked GM crank. This is a 2700/2850 ready case we put together and sold to Irv Russel at CC#24.

26 Days until Corvair College #27’s registration closes.


Before we get into the coverage of CC#26, I need to point out that we are just 26 days away from the closing of Corvair College #27 registration. The link for signing up is below. If you know you would like to go, there is no point in putting of signing up. Keep in mind that the sign up has been open since before Oshkosh: it is half full already.

Above, our local host for corvair Collge #27 is P F Beck, seen above in his Pietenpol, in a shot taken by Grace in the front seat. This was at CC#19, the first of what is now four colleges held at Barnwell. We awarded PF the cherry Grove trophy as Corvair aviator of the year two years ago. The trophy will be awarded for the 6th time at this years event. While all the colleges are very good events with a strong emphasis on good times shared with friends, the Barnwell events have the strongest social side, the most planes on hand, and function as the reflective event looking back on the years progress.


For #26, I set the limit at 60 builders, but bumped this to 76 in the last week. I did this because I saw that half the people signed up were coming to observe and take notes, combined with 11 of the people attending being returning volunteers. I decided that table space and supervision, the limiting agents at #26 could withstand another 16 people. It was a good call, and worked out well. This said, let me caution procrastinators that this isn’t going to happen at Barnwell.  At #27, we are going to have a very high percentage of builders aiming to run engines, and builders at Barnwell have a fee to cover food and drinks that must be in place in advance. These two factors preclude me from making a command decision to increase registration numbers. This is why we say Barnwell has a ‘hard’ limit and closing date. Don’t miss out.  In speaking with 601/Corvair builder Ken Pavlou, (who handles all of the on-line registrations from an undisclosed location in CT.), we have decided to cut off the #27 sign up at midnight on October 20th, or when we reach 100 builders, which ever comes first.  If you are planning on attending #27, please let me encourage you to sign up for it early, and not to assume that we will have the sign up active until the last week as we have done in earlier years. The link is listed below:


CC27 –


The Event also has it’s own Face Book Page: